Dear students, 

We introduce you the list of students from waiting list who now can sign the contract and pay the tuition fee. Payment is performed in national currency (UZS). 

You can sign the contract: 

Where: Turin Polytechnical University in Tashkent

When: up until the 5th of September, 09:00 - 18:00 (**Note that the 31st of August, 1st and 2nd of September are day-offs). 

Must haves: A tuition payer must bring pasport + identification number of a taxpayer; A student must bring pasport + identification number of a taxpayer. 

Details on payment: 

One can pay the tuition fee within 5 days after signing the contract. Payment is performed in national currency (UZS). 

There are 3 payment methods you can use: 

  1. Cash payment; 
  2. Transfer payment (we kindly ask you to come as early as possible); 
  3. Card payment. 

*** If you take student loan, you must bring the contract from the bank to us to ensure your place on list. 

For students living outside of the capital we provide the opportunity to sign the contract and pay tuition fee without coming to Tashkent (we provide all necessary documents via Telegram). 

  • Via Telegram (+99890 116 36 00) you send us your documents (A copy of pasport + INN of a payer; Student's copy of pasport + INN); 
  • We send you filled contract;
  • You print it out and sign it;  
  • Then you can perform the payment in any bank located nearby (in cash/trasnfer/card payment); 
  • You send us a copy of your payment receipt from the bank as soon as you pay
  • You may bring the original document when you come to Tashkent. 

*** You can apply for the dormitory via email as well (Please, let us know if you would like to do so).  

Best regards, 
Administration of Bucheon University in Tashkent. 

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